Care Home Beats COVID-19 With Virustatic Shield Face Coverings

The coronavirus pandemic has caused worldwide chaos and sadly many deaths that could have been avoided if better measures had been in place in the beginning. The UK government has been under harsh scrutiny from both scientists and members of the public over its lack of reaction and capacity to deal with the outbreak back in March and throughout lockdown.

Care homes have suffered horrifically, with newest figures showing that one in five care home residents have been infected with COVID-19 so far, with one third of the total COVID-19 deaths being residents. It’s shocking to think that the most vulnerable members of our society and the most susceptible to the worst symptoms of COVID-19 have suffered so much and that more could have been done by the government in order to keep them safe.

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Our Virustatic Shield has been available to purchase since before lockdown. It’s the culmination of over ten years of research and development by a team of Mancunian biochemists, and its completion coincided with the COVID-19 outbreak, any many people have been able to take advantage of the benefits of wearing one.

The lightweight, breathable snood design makes it great for carers to wear during long shifts, reducing the risk of discomfort and irritation. It’s also suitable for residents to wear in order to stay protected from germs that carers or visitors may bring into the home, and again is much more wearable than the disposable face masks.

The Viruferrin™️ coating that is already applied to all of our face coverings has recently been tested and proven to protect against 98% of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19.

We have a perfect case study that highlights the benefits of wearing Virustatic Shield in care homes. Plasgarnedd Care Home on Anglesey purchased Virustatic face coverings for all of their staff in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak – a decision that they feel has kept their residents safe during the outbreak!

Elen Hughes, the owner/director said:

“I saw these face coverings on the news and decided right there and then to go ahead and purchase them for my team. At that time, we were under no obligation to do that, we were told by Public Health Wales that we just needed aprons and gloves, but because of my nursing background and I guess, a gut feeling, I just knew that the situation was serious and that we needed to protect our residents (all of whom are in single rooms) and that to do so we needed to protect our staff – even though there were no confirmed cases here.” continued Elen, “However, subsequently, one of our ladies became ill. When her condition deteriorated, our resident was admitted to hospital where it was confirmed that she had the COVID-19 virus. I have no doubt that this lady will have been infectious while she was in our care before and that the Virsutatic face coverings worn by our staff alongside scrupulous hygiene prevented them from becoming infected and spreading the virus through our home.”

Elen told us that both of her sites had very similar outcomes and so she is certain that the Virustatic Shield is the force behind keeping her residents safe.

Unfortunately, not all care homeowners reacted in the same proactive way, and with no backing or support from the government, it’s been left to people such as Elen to react in a way that they deem appropriate in alignment with their budgets and resources that are available to them. With PPE not so readily available to the public, it’s been tough to get hold of any form of protective equipment in bulk for many institutes across the UK from the get go.

Here at Virustatic Shield, we are happy to take bulk orders of our Shields, with each face covering lasting for up to 200 hours of wear. They can be washed up to three times before the coating begins to lose effectiveness, meaning that they are far more economical and environmentally friendly than the usual surgical face masks. It’s a simple, safe way of keeping your workplace protected from infections such as COVID-19 and saving the lives of your residents.

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