How to have a COVID safe Halloween

This year many people will have missed out on birthdays, holidays and weddings, but how about Halloween? With lockdown restrictions varying across the UK, it can seem unclear what is and isn’t allowed and the seasons spookiest event is no exception. From apple bobbing to trick-or-treating, it isn’t the most COVID-friendly holiday but there might be a few changes we can make to keep everyone safe on the night of ghouls.

For the most part, it’s not advised that people visit other households due to the threat of spreading coronavirus to others, this means we might have to take a rain-check on trick-or-treating. Although the activity takes place outside, it’s hard to know if those opening their doors or giving out sweets will be wearing masks or sticking to hand-washing advice given by the Government.

There’s also potential for the virus to be spread to elderly neighbours or those who are vulnerable – meaning many are swaying towards cancelling the door to door element of Halloween in favour of a treasure-hunt style activity. Parents across the UK have taken to social media sites to encourage local residents to put Halloween themed items in their windows, for children to spot when walking by, in return for sweets from their parents at the end.

So, how can we have a COVID-19 friendly Halloween? Here’s some inspiration to celebrate the spooky season without spreading the virus further.

Pick Your Best Pumpkin

It just isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin is it? Pumpkin carving with your household or up to six people (do check local government advice for local restrictions), can be a great way to celebrate without putting yourself at risk. There are some great templates online that are free to download, so why not make it into a contest and see who can carve the best pumpkin.

Deck The Halls

Halloween isn’t complete without getting the decorations out – hang up the fake cobwebs and plastic skeletons for an air of the spooky season without stepping outside your home. You could even make your own decorations with the kids. Pop on a Halloween playlist and let the fun commence. Pinterest has lots of ideas on how to create your own spooky decorations to create your own house of horrors.

It’s All About Zoom

The 31st of October is all about the dressing up – from zombies to vampires to witches with brooms, pick your character and get to work. Just because you can’t go to a party this year, there’s no reason why you can’t share your frightening face with your friends on Zoom.

Likewise, Zoom quizzes have been all the rage since the pandemic hit – compile your best Halloween-themed questions and get your friends involved for a night of frightening fun.

Get Baking

There’s no shortage of recipes on the internet that are great to make with the kids, from creepy crawly rice crispy cakes to DIY candy apples. Get creative and see what spooky delights you can whip up in the kitchen.

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