President Of The Royal Society Warns We Should All Be Wearing Face Coverings

Not Wearing a Face Covering Should be as ‘Anti-Social’

Venki Ramakrishnan, the President of the Royal Society has urged everyone in the UK to carry a face covering whenever they leave the house and to wear it at any time they could come into close proximity with other people.

His comments came after a surge of new evidence suggesting that face coverings do go a long way towards protecting wearers, as well as protecting other people close by.

Government guidelines were changed this week to make face coverings mandatory for shoppers in the UK and Ireland. This is already the case in Scotland.

Until now, advice about wearing face masks and face coverings in public spaces has been inconsistent compared to many other countries across the world where face coverings were instantly made mandatory. With harsh penalties being enforced to those who do not follow the rules.

Professor Ramakrishnan has said that not wearing a face covering should be seen as “anti-social” in the same way that drink driving is, pressing home the point that it used to be “quite normal” to have a few drinks and then make the decision to drive home under the influence. Now it is illegal, this has become socially unacceptable. Enforcing the same mindset when it comes to reducing transmission of a deadly virus should, he believes, follow the same path.

Since June, the World Health Organisation has also advised that face coverings should be worn wherever possible, but individual countries still set their own rules based on all the information they have.

New evidence is starting to show that face coverings are far more beneficial to the wearer than initially thought. And it is thought that face coverings are particularly important in stopping people who are infected but not showing any symptoms from transmitting the virus to others.

The Virustatic Shield gives an extra level of protection, with its Viruferrin™ coating being 98% effective at capturing and binding to airborne pathogens including COVID-19.  It offers an added level of protection to wearers.

Treating face coverings as a new daily item of clothing is the “right thing to do” according to Professor Ramakrishnan, and “a small price to pay to help keep infections down and the economy open in the pandemic”.