Six Surprising Bonuses of Wearing a Face Covering

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has, and continues to, rock the nation – there are some small wins that have made us smile over the past few months. Wearing a face covering when leaving the house does come with its benefits, and we’re not just talking about protecting against COVID-19.

Before the outbreak, if we needed to go about our day undetected, we’d just throw on a pair of sunglasses or a cap, but 2020 has given us an unexpected gift of anonymity in the form of a face covering.

Rolling back the years

A welcome surprise for those whose 18th birthday is a distant memory, is the novelty of being asked for identification when purchasing alcohol. Due to face masks covering half of the face, it seems some shoppers are being mistaken for much younger than they are, with one Twitter user praising the face coverings for being “the fountain of youth”.

Hide behind the mask

Another bonus is the anonymity a face covering can bring – not looking your best but need to head to the shops? No problem just pop one on and nobody will even recognise you. Doing the school run but don’t have time to put any makeup on? Don’t worry, your face covering has your back. Running late and only have time for mascara? Rest assured, half of your face will be covered meaning you’ll save on concealer too!

Got out of the wrong side of the bed?

If you wake up feeling a little grumpy (which is to be expected in the current climate), there’s no need to plaster on a fake smile anymore, you can go about your business looking miserable and nobody will ever know.

Perfecting your lipstick is a thing of the past

Lipstick and face coverings just don’t mix, that’s a fact. But the beauty of wearing a one is that we no longer need to spend hours on the perfect cupids bow or checking for lipstick on our teeth. Give your lips a break and embrace the au-naturel look.

Sorry I didn’t see you there

A bonus perk is being able to avoid people you don’t want to see in the street – researchers at the University of Sterling studied 138 adults completing online face-matching tests and when masks were superimposed onto the faces, people performed much worse, even when the faces belonged to familiar celebrities. In conclusion, if you want to hide from your almost-too-chatty neighbours in the supermarket or travel in peace, don a face covering!

Unruly beard? No problem

It’s no secret that personal grooming was on the bottom of the to-do list throughout lockdown, especially with no access to professionals, the beards got longer and harder to manage by the day. But now they can easily be covered with a mask, no need to trim or reign it in – so stock up on beard oil and let it grow!

With all of these perks, we could definitely get used to wearing a face covering in public – but the main benefit, of course, is the protection it provides against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Virustatic Shield face covering disables up to 99% of any infectious material with which it comes into contact.