Technology Advances During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many businesses hard, and many others have had to make big changes in order to adapt and survive. It’s been a very pivotal time for the UK technology industry, and there have been huge shifts in progress for those that have had the ability to make changes in the way they work.

In history, following any economic crisis, innovative industries become market leaders and those that cannot adapt quickly fall behind. This trend is one that we are beginning to notice now, with the UK tech industry making rapid developments in their work.

Virustatic Shield itself was a business that had to overcome some challenges very quickly before coming to the market in March. Having been in research and production stages for over ten years, our face coverings were being thoroughly tested and were only a few months away from market when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Our team rallied together from all corners – science, marketing and operations sped up and we managed to release our face coverings just in time for lockdown! We are pleased to say that, although it’s been hard work, we are able to provide adequate protection for those all over the UK and in many other countries across the world.

Many other companies have too had to adapt, with the usual high street closed for business, online retail is the only option for many people when it comes to buying or selling goods.

Whilst airlines and shops with less of an online presence have gone bust, others have thrived with their online retail, providing customers with an even better experience than before! Cash is becoming completely obsolete, and all online payment methods and delivery options have been absolutely hammered by consumers, with many postal services having long delays and workers claiming it has been busier than Christmas!

Being stuck at home, the need for social interaction has never been stronger, and so technologies surrounding video or online communication between family, friends and colleagues have also shot through the roof. Doctors have even taken advantage of this technology, speeding up the introduction of video or online consultations to limit the amount of contact between them and their patients. This was a process that began to take place many months ago and has been slowly introduced across the UK, and due to the pandemic, it has been dramatically sped up and implemented in most surgeries.

For every sector that has flourished, there are ten that have not been able to cope with the restrictions and costs of the pandemic, and sadly the world on the other side of lockdown may not be the same as the one that we were used to before. Although this comes with many advantages, we as humans must also learn to adapt to new processes and a new way of life after COVID-19.