Three Generations Give Their Opinions On Wearing Face Coverings

Face coverings have become a necessary part of everyday life in a post-coronavirus world. Currently compulsory on public transport, shops and in schools in local lockdown areas, face coverings offer effective protection against person-to-person virus transmission.

As with many of the new rules around coronavirus, some people have embraced the need to wear a face covering, while others have been less enthusiastic. But are there any generational differences in opinion when it comes to face coverings?

We caught up with a grandmother, mother and daughter from one family in the North West of England to find out their views on the Virustatic Shield as well as face coverings becoming a way of life in 2020 and beyond.

Maddie Wheeler, 16

Personally, I think it is a good idea to wear a face covering but I feel it should’ve happened much sooner. Since it has become a rule, I have been wearing a face covering in shops and taxis and I definitely feel safer with, than I do without. My friends have been wearing them too, generally most people my age have started to wear them where we need to, but you will always get some people who don’t follow the rules. This year has been strange for so many reasons, it’s just another thing we need to get used to.

It was strange having to wear a face covering at sixth form – we have to wear them in all communal areas – corridors, canteen and assembly hall. Lots of people forgot them, if you do you are sent home to get one.

I really like the Virustatic Shield, the snood design is much more comfortable than the other types of mask I have tried.

Cat Tomalin, 47

I’ve worn face coverings since they became compulsory. I’m really not convinced at how safe the disposable or fashion masks are, I don’t feel any more protected when wearing one than without.

It seems a bit strange to me that face coverings are compulsory in some situations but not others. So, why do we have to wear them in the shops but not in bars and restaurants? I think if we were given more information on the reasons these decisions were made it would make more sense to people and more people would wear them. It’s just something we have to get used to for now.

Linda Lester, 72

I really liked the Virustatic Shield, it’s a definite improvement to the bog-standard masks you can get. They’re comfortable and easy to pull up.

I find that face coverings in general do make me feel very hot and claustrophobic, but if they must be compulsory – so be it! We just have to get on with things don’t we and help to protect one another.”

For the latest guidance on face coverings, including which areas are currently in local lockdown visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own