Ways to Ease January Blues

After the festivities of the Christmas and New Year period, the time inevitably comes when we have to be shifted back into reality. This year, it will probably feel even more daunting than ever before due to lockdown. Read on to discover some useful tips for returning back to your normal routine after Christmas.

Mental Health

Returning after the festive period can often be difficult, there’s a reason why January is often said to be the bleakest month of the year. There are many ways to help lift spirits at the start of a new year. When it’s cold and miserable, as it often is in January, take a little time to get outdoors and get the most Vitamin D that you can. In the mornings or on your lunch break, take a little time to take a short walk when daylight is at its peak. The fresh air and light should do a good job of lifting your spirits. Other ways of keeping positive is taking time away from screens when possible, eating well and getting exercise regularly.


It may be a new year but unfortunately things are still not back to normal yet, and it’s important to remember that guidelines are still in place to keep us safe. When returning to your normal routine, remember to keep safe. Social distancing and face covering wearing should be maintained whenever in public spaces and busy areas such as supermarkets. Now we are in lockdown, many are back working from home and it is important to remember to only go out for essentials and stay at home within your bubble. 

Re-organise /Declutter

It’s the start of a new year and to many, this can be the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. A huge re-organise can often feel quite cathartic and set you up for a positive outlook for the year ahead. First things first: take down those remaining Christmas decorations! Yes, it’s surprising how many of us still have the odd hint of tinsel or splashing of festivity still around – even past the middle of January. Also, why not sit and declutter your devices – many of us re-organise or declutter our home but rarely spend time filing, clearing down photos or removing some apps to aid in a digital detox. Getting into the habit of de-cluttering and eliminating those things you don’t need; you will feel much more organised and on top of things.


As we’re all back into lockdown, it’s easy to feel isolated and many are feeling frustrated. The pressures of the current climate can take its toll on our mental health. Many of our usual routines have had to change dramatically, particularly for children, and it can be difficult to adjust to. Every individual experiences lockdown differently so remember to communicate with those you live with and those you love and make sure everyone is adjusting the best they can to the new circumstances.