Why The Virustatic Shield Shouldn’t Be Compared To A Neck Gaiter

The Virustatic Shield snood-style face-covering has a unique antiviral Viruferrin™ coating that has been proven effective against viruses including SARS-CoV-2. It is the result of over a decade of testing by virologists, biologists and material scientists.

It should in no way be compared to the clothing accessory snood, ‘neck fleece’ or ‘neck gaiter’ referred to in the testing in a recent study from Duke University on how to test the effectiveness of a sample of masks and face-coverings.

The Virustatic Shield is a specifically designed and proven antiviral face-covering and not a ‘neck gaiter’, which is simply a clothing accessory. However, some of our customers have expressed concern due to the similarity of design and so we wanted to address the study for their reassurance.

Recent headlines on a new study from Duke University on how to test mask effectiveness has been widely, and mistakenly, reported as showing wearing a ‘neck gaiter’ is worse than nothing when it comes to spreading the coronavirus.

Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco says: “The headline that neck gaiters can be worse is totally inaccurate.”

An article in Science News explains why this headline was inaccurate and the findings of the study inconclusive.

The headline inaccurately suggested that ‘neck-gaiter’ type coverings perform the worst in terms of protecting the wearer and those around them from the spread of infection and viruses. The co-author of the study and chemist from Duke University himself admitted that the “press coverage has careened out of control” for a study that was just a simple proof-of-concept and looked at just one mask of each type.

Virustatic Shield would like to reassure our loyal customers that the Virustatic Shield is the combination of a material chosen for its blocking capabilities and a proven antiviral coating, so it is incomparable to the neck gaiter tested in this study. Additionally, the ‘neck fleece’ material used in this test has no anti-viral coating; the Virustatic Shield’s protein coating has been independently proven to bind to the virus that causes COVID-19 – meaning the virus is disabled on contact.