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When do I need to wear a Virustatic Shield?

If you cough or sneeze, Virustatic Shield can cut the risk of spreading infection. Healthy people only need a mask if risking contact with others who may be infected. You need to wear a shield if you are out in public, in the proximity of others, if you are isolating at home with family members or others and if you have the virus to avoid transmission to others.

Will Virustatic Shield stop me infecting other people?

Virustatic Shield helps by offering two-way protection. It can protect others from harmful viruses breathed out through it. But it only helps when combined with strict personal hygiene. Wearing a face covering in certain situations is in line with HM Government advice.

What is the right way to wear Virustatic Shield?

For maximum protection, pull over your head to cover your nose, mouth and ears. Ensure a snug fit. Rolling or pinning the Virustatic Shield will not reduce its effectiveness and can be achieved with non-piercing accessorises. Accessories include male, female and children’s hair accessories e.g. clips, ties, bobbles, section clips, grips, butterfly clips, fitted under the back of a cap. For maximum protection, fold the Virustatic Shield in half and double up the layers.

Can I wear Virustatic Shield inside out?

Yes. Virustatic Shield’s protein coating, in combination with the material, works in both directions. So it doesn’t reduce the antiviral effect if you wear it inside out.

Can I pay over the phone?

Our customer service team are available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and will happily take a telephone payment via a credit or debit card. Please call 01248 719888. 

Can I fold my Virustatic Shield over?

Yes, it’s fine to fold Virustatic Shield, as long as you cover your nose, mouth and ears. In fact, a double layer of the fabric increases the anti-viral effect.

Does Virustatic Shield lose its shape?

Virustatic Shield is manufactured to the highest standards from natural fibre materials to allow the coating to impregnate the fibres. Prolonged wear without washing may result in the fabric becoming loose. Tightening with a clip will support repeated wear and hand washing will help restore its original shape and fit.

Can a child wear Virustatic Shield?

Virustatic Shield is presently only available in one size. However, worn clipped or folding double should give a snug fit to most children.

Can I wash my Virustatic Shield?

Yes. We recommend a maximum of three hand washes in warm water without detergent. Washing will restore its original shape and fit after prolonged use.

How to wash my Virustatic Shield?

We recommend you hand wash your Virustatic Shield in warm water without detergent.

Can I dry Virustatic Shield on a radiator or in a tumble dryer?

We do not advise drying on a radiator or in a tumble dryer. High temperatures can damage the antiviral coating and reduce its effectiveness.

Can I iron my Virustatic Shield?

We do not recommend ironing Virustatic Shield. High temperatures can damage its antiviral coating.

Can I dry clean my Virustatic Shield?

No. We do not recommend dry cleaning your Virustatic Shield.

Will it provide 100% protection against viruses?

No device can guarantee 100% protection against viruses. The Virustatic Shield effectiveness is improved when used alongside government-issued hygiene guidelines.

Am I depriving NHS staff of PPE?

No, it is not a medical device. In line with the latest advice from HM Government, Virustatic Shield is neither classed as PPE or RPE.
It is now part of a new classification of ‘face coverings’, with the added protection from its protein coating. By wearing one you are helping to shield yourself and protect others.

Should Virustatic Shield carry a CE mark?

No, HM Government recently updated their advice in relation to Virustatic Shield and it is now no longer required to carry a CE marking.
Rest assured, this does not change the capability of Virustatic Shield which continues to adhere to any regulatory changes as required. Your health, safety and wellbeing is our priority.
Read full details of Virustatic Shield’s new official classification as a face covering here.

How else can I protect myself against viruses?

Wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water. Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue and dispose of it immediately. Avoid touching your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

How do I know my Virustatic Shield is genuine?

It is only possible to return the product if the Virustatic Shield packaging is unopened, unused and the QR code has not been accessed. All of these features will be checked on any return before a refund can be made.

Returns Policy

It is only possible to return the product if the Virustatic Shield packaging is unopened, unused and the QR code has not been accessed. All of these features will be checked on any return before a refund can be made.