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When do I need to wear a Virustatic Shield?

The Virustatic Shield offers two-way protection for yourself and others. In the UK, new rules on face coverings now mean people not wearing face coverings will be barred from travelling on public transport. Failure to comply will result in £100 on-the-spot fines. The new rules also apply to all hospital staff, visitors and outpatients in England and some smaller shops may also opt to have customers wear face coverings. You should wear a face covering when you may have difficulties social distancing.

Will Virustatic Shield stop me infecting other people?

Virustatic Shield helps by offering two-way protection. It can protect others from harmful viruses that you may breath out. If you cough or sneeze, Virustatic Shield cuts the risk of spreading infection and because of the snood design, there will be no escape of virus-laden aerosols around the sides of the Shield. You should combine the Shield with strict personal hygiene.

Will it provide 100% protection against viruses?

No device can guarantee 100% protection against viruses. The Virustatic Shield effectiveness is improved when used alongside government-issued hygiene guidelines.

The Virustatic Shield vs Triple Layer Face Coverings

The protection provided by homemade or fashion-style fabric face coverings will vary enormously depending on the fabric used. Therefore, the Government and WHO recommends three layers so that there is more chance of potentially ‘blocking’ viruses in aerosols breathed in or out.
We believe there is no real comparison with these types of face coverings and The Virustatic Shield. The Shield is a meticulously researched and pioneering product and does not need three layers to make it highly effective. We have conducted 10 years of materials science research on live viruses with world-leading research organisations and we have judiciously selected the fabric used in the Shield. This choice is based on proven anti-viral evidence alone, not chance or aesthetics. We have then coated it with our patented anti-viral coating which disables viruses on contact. Our Shield is proven up to 98% effective with just ONE breathable layer.

How else can I protect myself against viruses?

Wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water. Cough and sneeze into your a paper tissue and dispose of it immediately. Avoid touching your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

What is the right way to wear Virustatic Shield?

For maximum protection, pull over your head to cover your nose, mouth and ears. Ensure a snug fit. Rolling or pinning the Virustatic Shield will not reduce its effectiveness and can be achieved with non-piercing accessorises. Accessories include male, female and children’s hair accessories e.g. clips, ties, bobbles, section clips, grips, butterfly clips, fitted under the back of a cap.

Can I wear Virustatic Shield inside out?

Yes. Virustatic Shield’s protein coating, in combination with the material, works in both directions. So it doesn’t reduce the antiviral effect if you wear it inside out.

Can I pay over the phone?

Our customer service team are available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and will happily take a telephone payment via a credit or debit card. Please call 01248 719888.

Can I fold my Virustatic Shield over?

Yes, it’s fine to fold Virustatic Shield, as long as you cover your nose and mouth.

Does Virustatic Shield lose its shape?

Virustatic Shield is manufactured to the highest standards from natural fibre materials to allow the coating to impregnate the fibres. Prolonged wear without washing may result in the fabric becoming loose. Tightening with a clip will support repeated wear and hand washing will help restore its original shape and fit.

Can a child wear Virustatic Shield?

Virustatic Shield is only available in one size. However, worn clipped or folding double should give a snug fit to most children.

Can I dry Virustatic Shield on a radiator or in a tumble dryer?

We do not advise drying on a radiator or in a tumble dryer. Air dry naturally.

Can I iron my Virustatic Shield?

No. We do not recommend ironing your Virustatic Shield.

Can I dry clean my Virustatic Shield?

No. We do not recommend dry cleaning your Virustatic Shield.

Should Virustatic Shield carry a CE mark?

No, HM Government recently updated their advice in relation to Virustatic Shield and it is now no longer required to carry a CE marking.
Rest assured, this does not change the capability of Virustatic Shield which continues to adhere to any regulatory changes as required. Your health, safety and wellbeing is our priority.
Read full details of Virustatic Shield’s new official classification as a face covering here.

How do I know my Virustatic Shield is genuine?

Each Virustatic Shield has a unique serial number, linked to a QR code on its label. This protects against fakes. Download any QR reader and scan that code to check it’s the genuine article. Also check the colour shift ink on the label by rubbing until it disappears.

Returns Policy

It is only possible to return the product if the Virustatic Shield packaging is unopened, unused and the QR code has not been accessed. All of these features will be checked on any return before a refund can be made.

Washing Instructions

Machine Wash

5 machine washes
30 degrees
30 minute cycle
Non-bio detergent
Wash separately in a mesh laundry wash bag

Hand Wash

5 hand washes
Warm water
Non-biological detergent

How long can I wear the Virustatic Shield face covering before washing?

There is no recommended wear time for the Virustatic Shield face-covering before washing. It can be worn until you feel that it needs freshening up or is visibly soiled.

How long can I wear the Virustatic Shield face covering in-between washes?

We do not recommend a wear time for the Virustatic Shield face-covering in-between washing. Washing is at the wearer’s discretion and the reusable face covering can be worn until you feel that it needs freshening up or is visibly soiled.

What happens to the Virustatic Shield face covering after it has been washed five times?

The Virustatic Shield’s Viruferrin™️ coating, in combination with the face coverings carefully selected fabric, has been proven to provide protection to five washes, Further testing will take place beyond five washes, we therefore currently recommend that you only follow the five wash guidelines.

If I was the Virustatic Shield face covering in the washing machine and I don't use a mesh bag will it damage the product / coating?

As with other delicate garments, it is recommended that the Virustatic Shield face covering is washed in a mesh bag. There may be a risk of damaging the fabric rather than the protective performance of the coating if a mesh bag is not used.

I have washed the Virustatic Shield face covering with other items, does this impact the coating / shield?

We would not recommend that you wash the Virustatic Shield face covering with other items. As with other delicate garments, we recommend washing alone.

I accidentally washed the Shield with some biological detergent / soap, is the Shield now offering no protection?

As per the user guide care instructions, we can only ensure up to 99% protection as per the washing instructions which state non-biological detergent.

Does the recommended 200 hours wear time still apply?

The latest independent test results were undertaken in the laboratory at VisMederi, University of Siena, in Italy provide the wearer with the option to hand or machine wash the Virustatic Shield face covering. We, therefore, do not recommend a wear time and only recommended washing when it requires freshening up or when it is visibly soiled.

Machine wash separately at 30°C for a maximum of 30 minutes with non-biological detergent. To safeguard against fabric damage, please wash in a mesh laundry bag.

Hand washing is still recommended as the more environmentally-friendly wash method. The Virustatic Shield can still be hand washed five times in warm water with non-biological detergent.

Are there any changes to the Virustatic Shield care instructions?

There are no further changes to the previously communicated care instructions. These include: dry naturally, no bleaching/dyeing, do not tumble dry and do not iron. It is recommended to wash your Virustatic Shield face covering only when it needs freshening up or when visibly soiled.