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Science behind the shield:

Virustatic’s ongoing mission is to develop technologies that prevent and protect against airborne virus transmission.

We continue to work with world-leading academic institutions and research laboratories in the UK to assist in the development of antiviral coatings that can be applied to everyday, readily-available materials.

After extensive research and development with these institutions, we produced the Virustatic Shield. We tested for the best material to protect you and others. And, unlike ordinary face coverings, it has a unique protective coating.

Live virus testing shows it traps and disables up to 98% of airborne, enveloped inluenza. HM Government advises: “If you can, wear a face covering in an enclosed space where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. “This is most relevant for short periods indoors in crowded areas, for example, on public transport or in some shops."

Wearing a face covering during the current situation can help to protect others you come into close contact with.