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Wearing the Shield

To ensure maximum protection pull the garment over the head and position over the nose, mouth and ears as shown.

If you double the layer of fabric over the mouth and nose as shown below, the effectiveness of the anti-virus element is increased.

If the Shield is loose or becomes loose with wear it can be secured in any way, traditional hairgrips or hair bobbles work well.

Note: The anti-viral protection provided by the Shield is only part of your regime to remain healthy or prevent infection. It is vital to use the Shield in combination with the UK government issued guidelines and other respected organisations such as who advise as follows:

  • Wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of the virus. Aim for about 20 seconds of scrubbing with soap and water before rinsing
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your arm instead of your hands or direct them into a disposable tissue. Many viruses are highly contagious and easily spreads through the air if you cough or sneeze
  • Eat healthily to boost your immune system. Though you might lose your appetite when you’re sick, eating small meals rich in fruits and vegetables will help give your body the strength it needs to fight off the virus
  • Drink lots of fluids, especially water, tea, and low-sugar electrolyte drinks. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Further advice can be found by following these links:

How To Wash Your Virustatic Shield

To maximise the active lifetime of your Virustatic Shield hand rinse with no detergent and allow it to air dry, using no heat.

You can wear the shield for up to 50 hours before having to wash it. You can wash your Shield as frequently as you want, but the coating has been tested and found to be fully effective for at least three washes.

The product is hand wash only.

High heat (100˚c and over) will damage the coating, the Virustatic Shield is best left to air-dry so do not  tumble dry or leave to dry on a radiator, or iron.

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