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How to care for your Virustatic Shield

To maximise the active lifetime of your Virustatic Shield hand rinse with no detergent.

You can wash your Shield as frequently as you want, but the coating has been tested and found to be fully effective for at least three washes.

The product is hand wash only.

Very high heats (100˚C and over) may damage the coating, the Virustatic Shield is best left to air dry so do not tumble dry or leave to dry on a radiator, or iron.

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Virustatic Shield

Virustatic Shield results from collaboration between world-leading scientists. The unique antiviral coating, Viruferrin™ and fabric combined can be used for up to three hand washes. The shield is easy to fit and adjust so that it comfortably covers your ears, nose and mouth.

Wearing this shield, while following official hygiene guidelines minimises the risk of spreading infection.

It helps protect you and others against airborne viruses. And it cuts the risk of contact transmission.