How to wear the Virustatic Shield

The Virustatic Shield, snood style, face covering follows the contours of the face for a comfortable and snug fit, sealing critical respiratory infection points such as the nose and mouth. 

To ensure maximum protection pull the garment over the head and position over the nose and mouth as shown.

For the younger person or smaller head, you can double the layer of fabric over the nose and mouth to achieve a tighter and more effective fit.

If the Shield is loose or becomes loose with wear it can be secured in any way, traditional hairgrips or hair bobbles work well.

How to care for the Virustatic Shield

The Virustatic Shield face covering is designed for reusability. The product can be machine washed for 30 minutes at 30c with non-biological detergent. Alternatively, hand wash in warm water with a non-biological detergent. 

We recommend that the Virustatic Shield is washed in a mesh laundry bag, this will help restore to its original shape and fit.